Top 3 ways of how to improve your overall performance in taekwondo.

Everybody wants to be the best when it comes to sports, and most of the time this can prove to be tricky especially in the world of taekwondo. Here are the top 3 ways to improving your performance within this sport.


It is a widely known saying that “practise makes perfect” in some ways this is very true. However just going through the movements of il jang (pattern one) will only improve your memory of the pattern. This is not the most efficient way to do this. The method that works the best in my opinion is to constantly perform the pattern in front of someone. This not only improves your memory but it also forces you to focus on putting power into your techniques, therefore building muscle memory to a sharp pattern.

Teaching others

Even if you’re not an instructor teaching someone a form or technique will drastically improve your memory of the thing you are teaching. It helps because it makes you think about each move and the finer details to them. It also helps because it greatens your understanding of the moves and how to explain them which in turn helps you to realise areas where you may be going wrong.


The last great way to improving your techniques is to compete against other people. This allows you to get into a competitive frame of mind and it will boost your perforce. Even if you do not win in the competition you will now know the high standard that the other athletes have set. To win you will not only have to match this standard but you will have to push past it and set a new better standard.