November 2018 Black Belt Testing

17th of November 2018:
After a hard 4-hour belt test, we are pleased to announce that all Jinhaeng Taekwondo students were successful in achieving the high standard that was set in a belt test overseen by Master Marc Bell 6th Dan and head of Il Dan Taekwondo. The other grading examiners were Master Jamie Tuxford 6th Dan (Kang Han Taekwondo) and Master Nicola James 5th Dan (Kang Han Taekwondo). The belt test was conducted by Master Andi Toplis 4th Dan (Il Dan Taekwondo)
The successful students were:

3rd Dan:
Terry Statham

2nd Dan:
Oakley Wright
Carl Rouse

1st Dan:
Georgia Blach
Samuel Bentley
Noah Statham
Henry Bennington

Big congratulations to the above students and the other students who also tested.