June 2019 Belt Test Results

The examiners for the Belt Test were:
Master Marc Bell – 6th Dan
Master Kevin Bell – 5th Dan
Instructor Terry Statham – 3rd Dan
Isaac Statham – 3rd Dan
Jacob Statham – 3rd Dan

Black belts assisting on the day:
Carl Rouse and Oakley Wright – 2nd Dan
Cameron Barrs, Samuel Bentley, Noah Statham and Henry Bennington – 1st Dan

The total number of students successfully achieving their new Kup grade is 19
9th Kup – Yellow Tag 3 students
8th Kup – Yellow Belt 1
7th Kup – Green Tag 2
6th Kup – Green Belt 1
5th Kup – Blue Tag 1
4th Kup – Blue Belt 4
3rd Kup – Red Tag 1
2nd Kup – Red Belt 4
1st Kup – Black Tag 2

Big congratulations to Robert Travers, who with experience in other martial arts treble graded to 7th Kup after training with us for only 4 months.